This is a quick guide to give an overview of what is involved with stewarding at our trials.

In order to run a trial we require a minimum of four stewards per ring. Stewarding consists of one of the four following roles.

Lead steward:
Collecting leads from competitors as they enter the ring and placing them at the exit of the ring for the competitor to collect as they leave. Please wait for the competitor to hand the lead to you, it is important to not lean over/approach the dog.

Gate steward:
Organising and checking off competitors as they enter the ring and calling out the competitors number to the scribe. Advising the judge and other stewards of height changes as they occur and the end of competition.

Recording each competitors round as directed by the judge. The judge will advise the scribe prior to the running of the event the way they like the results to be recorded and the hand signals they use.

Back up timing:
Timing each competitors round in case the timing gates do not start, this time we be used instead.