Our Instructors

We think that we have won the lottery with the talent of the instructors at ACWA!

All instructors have competed locally, most nationally, some internationally and a handful are accredited judges. By joining ACWA and choosing to train with us, you will be blown away by the skills and techniques for you to take on your agility journey.

We are always looking for new instructors and like to support our instructors as much as possible by provding plenty of learning opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an ACWA instructor please speak to one of our committee members or email us at contact@agilityclubofwa.com.au


Instructors for Term 3 2022:

Puppy Classes - Jamelia Bramwell

Level 1 - Kassie Boynes

Level 2 - Nadine Neethling and Angela Treanor

Level 3 - Soph Robson and Sarah Ogden

Level 4 - Sylvia Hamilton

Level 5 - Simone Tolhurst