ACWA Term 4 Training

Hi everyone, as you know we are experiencing some difficult times with the state of our training grounds. The committee met Saturday night and we have regretfully decided to cancel training again this week.


The safety of all dogs is our primary concern. For new members and those who don’t know, one of our member’s dogs broke its leg in several places after running on the grounds several weeks ago. The dog and owner are recovering, but as you can imagine this was a traumatic event for both and a reminder to the the wider dog sports community that we must always strive to ensure safety to all who use these grounds. The grounds had been cored prior to this event leaving large holes and an uneven surface. There is no quick fix to repairing the grounds.


Committee members are meeting with Dogs West tomorrow to come up to a solution to address our training requirements. Our hope is to get all classes up and running next week using different ovals and training spaces. We ask your your understanding at this time. This is an unprecedented situation and we are a new committee working very hard to ensure we can provide you with a safe place to train your dogs with our team of wonderful and dedicated instructors. I would like to extend a huge thanks to the ACWA committee, Angela Treanor, Clive Bruce-Smith and all those working behind the scenes.

Term 4 Enrollment

We are now taking enrollments for Term 4 across all classes. If you’d like to enrol, please fill out our online enrollment for here. If you’d prefer to enroll with the old fashioned method, we will have the forms available soon. Please note that we will not be hosting a specific enrollment night. Please contact the club if you have any questions.