Feb 4

Level 5 - Advanced with Deb

Registrations Closed
Start Date
4 February 2020 6:50 PM
End Date
7 April 2020 7:50 PM
Registrations Are Closed

Our advanced classes are designed for those dogs and handlers that are trial ready. Our advance instructors will set up an agility and jumping course with specific handling skills in mind. Instructors will discuss handling techniques and point out common handler/dog errors and how to rectify these.

Event Type
Term 1 2020 - Deb
Event Location
Dogs West Grounds, Lower Oval
Cnr Warton & Ranford Road
Southern River WA 6110

Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 - Tuesday 7th Apr 2020
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Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 - Tuesday 7th Apr 2020
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