Code of Conduct

The Agility Club of Western Australia seeks to provide members with a safe, fun and educational environment in which to train dogs. Membership to the club is dependent upon an agreement by members to abide by the rules and regulations. Members are expected to behave respectfully to each other and acknowledge the advice and guidance provided to them by committee members and trainers. ACWA endorses the use of positive reinforcement training and it is an expectation that all members will apply the principles of positive reinforcement techniques in training their dogs.

The Agility Club of WA is a not for profit club. The club fundraises through trials, raffles, quiz nights and memberships to raise funds to maintain equipment. It is an expectation that all members undergo training in equipment handling and storage. Members participating in classes and seniors training are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the commencement of lessons to assist instructors set up equipment. At the completion of classes dogs are required to be put in cars and equipment must be packed away on trolleys and returned to the shed.

The Agility Club of WA welcomes all dogs and acknowledges the varying degree of socialisation and training to which dogs have been exposed. We ask all members to be mindful of this. Some dogs are reactive to other dogs and require space. Members should refrain from allowing their dogs to approach other dogs without first seeking the approval of owners. It is expected that dogs requiring space from other dogs will be afforded this opportunity. We strongly discourage members from feeding or patting other dogs without the owners consent. The primary goal of ACWA is the training of dogs in the sport of agility. Instructors and committee members are experienced dog handlers who can offer guidance and support with basic dog behaviours. Dogs who display aggression to humans or other dogs will be referred to accredited behavioural specialists and may be asked to leave the club or lessons until such behaviours are addressed. Please refer to the clubs Aggressive Dog Policy for further information.