About Us

The Agility Club of Western Australia is Perth’s only dog club which focuses solely on the dog sport of agility.

Training is held on Tuesday evening from 6:30pm at the Dog West grounds on the corners of Warton and Ranford Rds in Southern River. There are two grassed arenas there and we are set up on the much bigger lower arena.

The mission of the Agility Club of Western Australia training program is to provide high quality training resources to those interested in learning the sport of dog agility. Our purpose is to make training affordable, accessible and enjoyable to anyone interested, from the beginning agility team to competitive nationally recognised teams. To achieve these goals, we use only positive reinforcement training techniques and focus on the handler/dog relationship.

ACWA promotes the sport of agility and is open to all breeds. Our aim is to provide a friendly and supportive environment in which good relations can be developed between handler, dog and trainer. ACWA promotes positive training methods which may be tone of voice, toys and food. Our instructors are highly experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated and FUN! They encourage you to achieve your goals which may be social agility or competition level.

ACWA offers a wide range of classes from puppy and adult foundation, intermediate and advanced. Set up starts at  6.30pm and instruction is between 7 and  8pm, then each class packs away the Agility equipment that they have used. There is a rolling class roster to help bring in the equipment and stored in the shed. Seniors training then starts from 8:15pm
Our training terms are the same as the school calendar year (WA). We organise a club agility competition at the end of each term and everyone can gain points towards club awards at the Christmas social windup. Enrollment can be done here.