Class Information

Our classes are run on Tuesday evenings between 6:30 and 8:15 and our terms run in parallel with the school terms. Below is information about the different levels of training we provide.

Puppy Classes:

Puppy Class cater for puppies between 12 weeks and 12 months. Puppy class are split into Puppy 1 and Puppy 2. They run for 30 minutes as younger dogs find it too hard to focus for a full hour.

Puppy 1 is for our brand new puppies, regardless of age. In this class we teach basic obedience required for agility. We teach body awareness to puppies and start working on the basic skills a dog will use in agility.

Handlers get taught some basic handling skills and are shown activities to do with your pup at home to further develop their athletic ability.

Puppy 2 is a continuation of puppy 1 and is for puppies that have completed puppy 1 but are still too young to move on to our adult classes.

Adult Foundation:

Adult foundation is similar to our puppy classes in that it’s designed for dogs and handlers brand new to the sport, but for dogs that are too old for puppy class – over 12 months.

In adult foundation we teach you and your dog the foundations on which to build an agility career. In this class we try to cover:

  • Basic obedience required for agility
  • Moving with your dog
  • Teaching your dog to work away from you and off lead
  • Basic handling skills around jumps and tunnels
  • Introduction to contact equipment

Adult Starters:

Following on from adult foundation or puppy class, in adult starters we start putting together short sequences with handling techniques as the main focus. In these classes, dogs and handlers also get to play more on our foundation contact equipment and weavers.

Intermediate 1 & 2:

The intermediate classes are focused on getting dog and handler trial ready. We start working towards using full size contact equipment. In these classes we move from short sequences to short courses, building on handling skills learned in the foundations classes and learning more complex handling skills.

Weaves are rounded off and dogs will be starting to use weaves as part of a sequence rather as a standalone exercise. Dogs need to show the ability to proficiently weave before they can move on to the Advanced Classes.

Advanced 1 & 2:

Our advanced classes are designed for those dogs and handlers that are trial ready. Our advance instructors will set up an agility and jumping course with specific handling skills in mind. Dog and handler teams will spend 30 minutes on the jumping course and 30 minutes on the agility course. Instructors will discuss handling techniques and point out common handler/dog errors and how to rectify these.