Class Information


Puppy 1 is designed for brand new puppies aged 16 weeks and older. In this class we allow puppies to socialise and teach basic obedience, skills and body awareness that a dog will use in agility. Classes run for 30 mins.

Puppy 2 is a continuation of puppy 1 and is for puppies that have completed puppy 1 but are still too young to move on to our adult classes.

Adult foundation is designed for dog/handler teams new to the sport where the dog is 12 months or older
In adult foundation we teach you and your dog the foundations on which to build an agility career. In this class we aim to cover:

  • Basic obedience required for agility
  • Moving with your dog
  • Teaching your dog to work away from you and off lead
  • Basic handling skills around jumps and tunnels
  • Introduction to target training

In adult starters, we apply the skills from adult foundation or puppy class to work on single jump techniques, short sequences and effective handling as the primary focus. In this class, dogs are introduced to weavers and early adoption of contact equipment (A-Frame and dog walk).
Handlers learn the art of the 3 basic crosses and foundations for the dog to navigate a jumping course.

The intermediate classes are focused on getting the dog and handler trial ready. In these classes we move from short sequences to short courses, building on the dogs drive, level of commitment and learning more complex handling skills.

Our advanced classes are designed for those dogs and handlers that are already trialling or ready to do so. Agility or jumping courses will be designed with varied degrees of difficulties to challenge the handler to focus on their dog’s abilities and the most practical paths that is the safest for the dog. Instructors will discuss handling techniques and enrich students with best practice manoeuvres.