About Agility Club of WA

The Agility Club of WA is the only dedicated agility club in WA that allows you to train your dog in the sport of Agility from the age of 16 weeks. Our club’s focus is training all dogs, regardless of breed, to participate in the sport of agility. Whether you aim to compete, or remain in classes you will learn, grow and nurture a new way of interacting with your dog.  We truly believe agility is for all.

On a Tuesday evening you will find the lower arena at Dog’s West a buzz. 8 trainers taking classes from puppies and beginners to advanced dogs. Classes are 60 minutes (puppy classes go for 30 minutes); during this time you and your dog will learn all that is necessary for the both of you to have fun, and stay safe while learning to jump, weave, and run agility sequences.

The Agility Club of WA prides itself on providing our members with highly experienced instructors. Our instructors are all committed to the very best training methods. Most of our instructors have competed nationally, some internationally and several are judges. We use positive training methods to promote and forge a lasting bond between you and your dog. Ever wondered how those super-fast dogs you see at agility events are so skilled? Well, the secret is nurturing a bond and creating a partnership that will take your pet ownership to a whole new level.

The club offers social occasions and interactions for members. We regularly hold club trials where you can compete or help out by stewarding in a competition ring. Each term we run club only competitions for our students during the term breaks. We hold information evenings, run social gatherings such as quiz nights and actively engage in promoting agility within the community.

We look forward to welcoming you and your dog to the club.